Hard Tail tops are perfect for your workout

Posted on October 05 2016

Who doesn’t love to throw on a loose, comfy top over a tank top or bra? I know I do. With leggings all the rage this season you need a comfy over top to go with them. Luckily, Hard Tail has the best selection of comfortable tops to wear no matter what your style is.

If you’re looking for a few comfortable tops to add to your closet, then I have a few suggestions. One is the Hard Tail Frolic top. Crafted from super soft and pleasurable fabric, the Frolic top helps you do exactly what it’s name says—frolic. Another one of my preferred tops is the Long Sleeve V-neck Hoody from Hard Tail. This pull over is ideal for a cool fall evening or even heading off to the gym. The netted material is comfy and super cute. Finally, my last suggestion would be the oversized lightweight black tee from Hard Tail. It’s long in the front and longer in the back for a swing effect, making it perfect for more sophisticated evening comfort and style.


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