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Everyones favorite pencil skirt


If you have snagged a sexy Hard Tail pencil skirt, but aren’t quite sure what to wear with it, then don’t despair! I’m here to help.

The important thing to remember about Pencil Skirts is the color and fabric. Hard tail makes skirts in multiple fabrics and colors. The skirt pictured to the left is the supplex skirt. Supplex is a less clingy fabric that is more modest (and forgiving!) than a cotton pencil skirt. This is my favorite skirt from Hard Tail. I like to pair it with a simple fitted top such as the Hard Tail skinny tee.  Pencil skirts work best when you wear a top that is slightly muted because of the drama that comes along with the style of this look.

Another great idea is to pair your skirt with a Desigual Reo Top. Colorful, sophisticated, yet fun, this top works well with virtually any type of solid bottom, including a pencil skirt.

And for footwear, my suggestion is a closed toed pump shoe. When wearing a skirt you always want to accenuate your height. Not to mention the fact that a pair of pumps is easily the sexiest footwear you can put on.

Try out these suggestions to look and feel fabulous in your pencil skirt!